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National Police Memorial

National Police memorial is located at Chankyapuri, New Delhi and consists Veerta Dwar, kendirya Pratibha and a museum.

Veerta Dwar

A memorial structure which has names of all the brave policeman who lost their lives in the line of duty inscribed on it. There are names of over 35,000 such brave policemen which feature on the Veerta Dwar.

Kendirya Pratibha

A 30 feet tall memorial made of black granite stands tall as the Kendriya Pratibha. Granite represents strength and stability which are also reflective of the traits of a brave policeman. The memorial manifests the commitment and sacrifices made by the policemen for the society.


Topics related to the life and administration of police forces have been exhibited here on a national level and is dedicated to the martyrs from the police departments. The museum exhibits the documents, weapons and uniforms of various police forces from across the nation. The museum attempts to showcase the life of a policeman throughout his career.

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