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Highway Tourism


They say a journey is a series of breaks and experiences. Making journey more interesting than the destination is the philosophy behind the carefully cultivated Highway Tourism in Haryana. Highways, from time-immemorial have been the lifeline of our country.

The seventh pillar edict of King Ashoka engraved on the Delhi-Topra pillars, presently standing in the Kotla Firoz Shah, reads : "On the road I have had banyan trees planted, which will give shade to beasts and men. I have had mango-groves planted and I have had wells dug and rest-houses built at every eight Kos. And I have had many watering places made everywhere for the use of beasts and men".

Haryana Tourism, a pioneer in Highway Tourism could be credited for the continuation and extension of this age-old tradition in modern times. More often than not, the bounty of fun is as packed on the trail as in the target destination. Some of the landmark highway stopovers like Kingfisher, Oasis complex, Yadavindra Gardens among the many other attractive highway destinations offering compact hutments, motels with piped-in channel music, air-conditioned and well-furnished rooms, banquets for marriages, gift shops, conference rooms and fast food counters,. Travellers in no hurry to rush ahead, can spend good two to three days and unwind on these highway spots.

Following is the list of Tourist Complexes dotting the highways:

NH - 44
(Chandigarh – Ambala – Delhi Highway)
NH – 5
(Ambala – Kalka)
NH – 9
(Delhi Hisar – Sulemanke)
NH - 7
(Shazadpur – Panchkula)
NH - 44
(Delhi – Mathura)
Yadavindra Garden
Blue Bird
Red Bishop
Karna Lake
  Tilyar Lake
Blue Jay
Ethnic India

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