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Heritage Tourism


Haryana bears the footprints of kings and warriors, saint and sages, sufis and savants. The continuity of its rich past has been unbroken through ages, with legends of the epic heroes and places of pilgrimage like temples, sarovars and dargahs. The resilience of the spirit of its people finds resurgence against a continuous back-drop of invasions and battles – triumphs and conquests!

Being the gateway of North India, Haryana has witnessed many ancient to modern wars ranging from Shuks and Huns to Akbar and Humayun and Babar's at Panipat to the decline of Mogul empire leading to British rule.

Excavations of various archaeological sites like Nauragabad, Mittathal, Rakhi Garhi and several others bear out evidence of pre-Harrappan and Harrappan culture. Findings of pottery, sculpture and jewellery at Pehowa, Kurukshetra and Panipat sites match with Prithudaka (Pehowa), Tilpat (Panipat) and Sonprastha (Sonipat), establish the to occurence of Mahabharata war.

Haryana Tourism has developed several heritage sites with ethnic grandeur and has created excellent tourist facilities at these historical places in and around Panchkula and Palwal.

Among these Raja Nahar Singh Palace and Yadavindra Gardens are worth visiting and staying over to enjoy royal times like a king. Get pampered the royal and bask in the luxury of bygone era and bask in beauty of lush green environs.

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