Haryana Tourism Corporation

General Information


Reservation can be done by the customer by the following modes: 

  •   Reservation can be done On Line  with Bank charges (extra) on payment through debit/credit card.
  •   Authorized agents of the HTC. 
  •   At the booking counters of the any tourist resort of HTC. 
  •   At booking counter of Haryana Tourist Bureau, New Delhi.  
  •   HTC office at Chandigarh.   


The Booking can be made for not more than 10 days at a time.Booking beyond 10 days or renewal after 10 days would required approval of the incharge of the Complex.


Reservation would be on the basis of first come first served/paid basis.




Not more than two persons will be allowed to stay in a room. Two children below 12 years of age can also stay with their parents with some extra charges as applicable.




Check-in/Out time : 1200 HRS.




The tourist, before checking in the room, will also make an entry in the booking register available at the reception counter in his own hand after producing the confirmed reservation slip.


The dispute are subject to the jurusdiction of District court situated in which the tourist resort situated.


The visiting guest of the occupant will not be allowed to access to the room. The occupant can entertain his guest in the restaurant/bar/ lobby-louge of the Complex




Reservation made would not be transferable.




Tariff is subject to change from time to time without prior notice. In case of revision of rates, if any, the booking already confirmed after having paid 100% amount will be charged at old rates for that booking.




The cooking of own food will not be allowed in any case in the room except in case of attached kitchen with the room.




Pets and vehicles etc. will not be allowed in the room in any case.




If the customer wants to remain in the complex 2-3 hours after the check-out time,he can be allowed to use only the lobby or lounge of the complex and the luggage for safe custody can be handed over at the reception at his own risk and responsibility till he vacates the complex. The same would be applicable where the customer reaches the complex before the check-in-time i.e. 1200 hrs.




The occupants are required to take care of their belongings. The Unit Incharge of the Corporation shall not be responsible for the loss caused during the period of stay unless it is directly attributable to the Corporation.




The accommodation cannot be claimed as a matter of right even if available at a particular time.




In extra ordinary circumstances suites/rooms can be got vacated by the Management.




The Management reserves the right to make any amendments/change/alteration in the occupancy Rules at any time without assigning any reason for the same




The loss or damage caused to the Corporation property would be made good by the occupant. The Occupant in their own interest should inform the official on duty at the reception before the checks-out of the room and make proper entry to this effect in the booking register kept at the reception of the Complex.



19)  Management reserves the right to cancel advance advance booking in exception and unaviodable circumstances.



The cancellation charges for accommodation would be as under: -


a) On the cancellation upto 24 hours before the check-in/check-out time: 20% amount  will be refunded.




b) On the cancellation beyond 24 hours and upto 72 hours before the check-in/check- out time: 30% amount will be refundable.




c) On the cancellation beyond 72 hours before check-in/check-out time: 60% amount will be refundable.


 Booking can be cancelled from the same mode which has been used for booking.


Mode of refund will be as given below:

  • For Credit Card Reservation: The amount of Refund will be reversed to the debit/credit card after deducting the cancellation charges.
  • For Email Blocking: The amount of Refund will be sent by cheque on the address of the customer.
  • Booking done at counter of resort, Haryana Tourist Bureau, New Delhi , HTC office at Chandigarh : The amount of Refund will be sent by cheque on the address of the customer.
  • For Booking done from authorized agents of the HTC: Refund will be given in cash by the agent.