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Dhyan-Kaksh is a marvel of the modern architect and is also known as School of Equanimity and Even-Sightedness. The science of inner dimensions is taught through a systematic process of meditation from here. The establishment of Dhyan-Kaksh is a symbol of the Golden Era, i.e. Satyug and pride of humanity. Established by Satyug Darshan Trust in its Vasundhara campus, it was inaugurated on 26 January 2014. Dhyankaksh is an ideal spiritual spot, as it is situated only 18 km away from South Delhi. This place is for everyone, and no entry fee is levied. There is no discrimination based on any religion, caste, creed, richness-poverty, gender or colour etc. Before entering into Dhyan-Kaksh, one has to pass through the seven beautiful larger than life gates which are symbols of seven Human Values, i.e. contentment, endurance, truthfulness, righteousness, equality, selflessness and benevolence. Beautifully built with limestone, the Dhyankakshhas three floors and is a double-dome structure surrounded by waterbody from all sides.The hand-printed tiles in the waterbody appear as an ocean floor with five elements of life depicted on the inner periphery. A marble bridge provides entry to the main structure. The top floor of Dhyankaksh is entirely gold plated and has more than one lakh of crystals that have been used between the gold plated leaves. The centre of the dome has a sun-shaped golden ring centred just above the lightened flame.The centrally situated lightened flame is a reflection of the divine flame which is lightened on the top of this double-dome structure. People claim to witness positive vibes when visiting this floor. The Ram Navmi is an annual event that highlights some of the finest cultural performances of the country. Every year people from across the globe gather for a spiritual congregation on the occasion of Ram Navmi. The year 2019 witnessed over ten thousand people from various regions of India and abroad. Moreover, World Equanimity Day is celebrated every year on 7th September and the winners of Humanity Olympiad from across the world are felicitated regularly in the Sabha Bhawan - the adjoining pillarless auditorium that showcases the Satyugian culture to visitors and participants through cultural performances, thus enriching their entire experience. Humanity Fest is another annual fest organized in the sprawling lawns of Dhyankaksh every year. Thousands of volunteers of ‘Humanity Development Group’ gather to celebrate humanity and youth from all walks of life attend this fest and to pledge to be a good human being. The visit to Dhyankaksh is worthy for the spiritual seekers or who seeks to live life blissfully.

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