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At a glance


Rewari is a place with history deep embeded in it. It is a place of Yaduvanshi Ahirs/Yadavas. The ancient city has its references in Indian epics like Rigveda and Mahabharata and it is also known as Brahmvarta, a place where Vedic Sanskriti was developed.

Its is said that during the Mahabharata period in ancient India, a king named Rewat had a daughter named Rewati. The father used to call her Rewa, and founded a city "Rewa Wadi" named after her. The king donated the city to his daughter, when she married Balram, the elder brother of Krishna. In the course of time, the name Rewa-Wadi became Rewari

A lesser-known yet powerful last Hindu emperor of the medieval period, Samrat Hem Chandra Vikramaditya, belonged to Rewari. The king, popularly known as Hemu, won 22 battles against Afghans and Mughals.

At a glance

Location: Rewari is located at 82 kms. mile stone in the south-west direction of the National Capital Delhi across the Delhi-Jaipur National Highway No. 8. Its geographical boundaries have district Jhajjar in its north, Mahendergarh district in its west and district Gurgaon in its east & north-east directions. District Alwar of Rajasthan touches Rewari in the south-east.

Linking Roads: Rewari is 80 kms. from Delhi located on the National Highway No. 71 and is also accessible from Delhi Jaipur National Highway No. 8 through NH-71.

Postal Code: 123401 | Longitude: 76° 37' E | Latitude: 28° 11' N | Area: 1559 sq kms. | Altitude: 245 metres | Population: 896,129 (Census 2011) | Literacy Rate: 82.20% | STD Code: 1274 | Villages: 412 | Language: Hindi, English | Best season to visit: All seasons to visit

How to reach

By Air

The nearest airport is 80 kms. away at New Delhi.

By Rail

Rewari has a well-connected rail network.

For Railway Enquiry Dial 139.

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