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Mahendragarh was earlier known as 'Kanaud' because of its association with Kanaudia group of Brahmans. During the middle of the nineteenth century, it came to be known as Mahendragarh.

Although the nomenclature of the district is not very old, the archaeological explorations conducted in the region have brought to light late- Harappan sites in the Rewari tehsil. However this type of evidence along with Painted Grey Ware (PGW), Northern Black Polished Ware and Early Historical Ware has been also gathered from the adjoining districts of Bhiwani and Gurgaon. So far not a single PGW site has come to light in the district, perhaps suggesting the north-eastward migrations of the Aryans from the banks of the Saraswati and the Drisadvati possibly happened due to the drying up of their courses. Most of the sites explored in Mahendregath belong to the late-medieval period. The district, it may further be pointed out, might have possibly remained outside the main stream of Aryan culture and hence has not been specifically mentioned in the traditional literature as an independent territorial unit. However, it has been suggested that some of the present streams of the district may be identified with those mentioned in early Vedic literature.

Mahendragarh is emerging as the new education hub of Haryana with several high standard schools, like Yaduvanshi Shiksha Niketan and colleges, including engineering colleges and a Center University having come up here. It is also having top class health facilites.

At a glance

Locations: Mahendergarh is 165 kms. south of Delhi

Linking Roads: Connected to National Highway No. 8 through Rewari.

Postal Code: 123029 | Longitude: 76.15° East | Latitude: 28.28° North | Area: 485 sq.kms | Population: 921,680 (Census 2011) | STD Code: 0171 |  Villages: 433| Literacy: 78.90% | Languages: Hindi, English | Best season to visit: All seasons to visit.

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By Air

Indira Gandhi International Airport is about 109 kms. from here.

By Road

Haryana Roadways bus service is available from all districts. Bus stand is well-connected to most major cities and the northern areas.

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