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Vishvamitra Ka Tila


Vishvamitra ka Tila

Location -: Pehowa, Tehsil – Pehowa, District : Kurukshetra

Situation -: On the southern bank of Sarasvati river in the outskirts of Pehowa town

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 9th AD

History and description -: The name of this town, Pehowa, is derived from its Pauranic name, Prithudaka, and the legend goes that king Prithu was the founder of this town. Two inscriptions of Gurjar-Pratihara period have been found at Pehowa. One inscription from this place records the creation of three Vishnu temples in this town. Another inscription, still in the Garibnath Mutth at Pehowa, of Raja Bhojdeva of 882 AD, records collection of voluntary tax from each trader for the purpose of maintenance of these Vishnu temples existing there and elsewhere. This site of Vishvamitra ka Tila too contained the remains of one of the Vishnu temples at this place.

This temple site was scientifically cleared under the direction of Shri D.S.Malik of the Department of Archaeology & Museum, Government of Haryana. Scientific clearance of this site yielded beautiful stone sculptures depicting Ramayana and Mahabharata scenes. The remains of an ancient temple plinth made of baked bricks were also found during clearance operation. These are the only known brick temple remains of this kind in this region.

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