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Tripolia Gateway

Location -: Narnaul, District-Mahendragarh

Situation -: Situated in the Purani Mandi area of Narnaul town.

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: 1589 AD

History and description -: Shah Quil Khan was valiant noble of Akbar's court. He was made Governor of Punjab in 1575 AD. He died at Agra in 1601 AD. At Narnaul, where he spent maximum time of his life, he erected splendid buildings and a beautiful garden and named it as Aram-i-Kausar. The Tripolia Gateway is the main entrance to this garden. This fine gateway was constructed within the compound of the garden. The elegant three-storied building of the gateway was constructed in rubble masonry with thick layer of lime plaster. The interior walls and ceilings of the façade are adorned with pleasing ornamental carvings. The inscription existing over the pointed arch of the entrance gate records the name of the garden, its builder and the date of its construction.

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