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Tomb of Sheikh Tayyab


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Tomb of Sheikh Tayyab

Location -:Kaithal, District : Kaithal

Situation -: Situated in Kaithal city near Railway line.

Under Protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 16th Century AD

History and description -: The words 'Sheikh' and Tayyab' stand for terms 'Fakir' (saint) and 'pure' sufi saint Hazrat Shah Kamal came to India from Bagdad and after his death, Sheikh Tayyab enthroned the spiritual seat of his teacher. Sheikh Tayyab died sometime in the late 16th century AD. It is said that this tomb was constructed by Hazrat Shah Sikandar, the son of Hazrat Shah Kamal. The tomb is bult on a square plan, a popular style of Pathan architecture. The roof is surmounted by a bulbous dome and a lotus flower finial rests on an octagonal drum-base.

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