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Tomb of Razia Sultan


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Tomb of Razia Sultan

Location -:Kaithal, District : Kaithal

Situation -: Situated near the city on Kaithal-Manas road.

Under Protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 16th Century AD

History and description -: Razia Sultan, the daughter of Iltutmish, was the ruler of Slave dynasty. She was first woman to sit on the throne of Delhi. But the nobles revolted against her and made her brother Mohin-ud-Din Bahram Shah sit on the throne. Meanwhile, Razia got married to Negro Altunia, the Governor of Bhatinda. For capturing the throne, they both marched towards Delhi, Bahram send his army to capture them. The armies of both the parties fought near Kaithal and Razia was killed on 14th October, 1240 AD and was buried at the site of her death.

The original grave of Razia once existed at this place. This mausoleum was protected by a boundary wall and the western wall had a closed arch. A small gate was left on the eastern side for entering the monument. As it is evident from its style of architecture, this present structure of the tomb was erected sometime during late 16th century AD. It was made of baked bricks and lime mortar. A mosque and a well near the tomb were also built while constructing this mausoleum.

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