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Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Suri


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Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Sur

Location -: Narnaul, District-Mahendergarh

Situation -: It is situated in Piran Mohalla of Narnaul City.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1540-45 AD

History and description -: The inscription over the entrance of the tomb suggests that it was constructed on the instructions of Sher Shah Suri (1540-45 AD) over the grave of his grandfather, Ibrahim Khan Sur, who died at Narnaul in 1518 AD. The tomb is stands on an elevated square platform. Its entrance is on the eastern side, and appears to have been built of Hindu temples and has beautiful carvings. The façade, divided in two storeys by a bandof moulding, is decorated with small panels showing low relief carving in red sandstone bordered with grey limestone. Four octagonal cupolas, placed at the four corners of the terrace, balance the dome.

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