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The Original Babri Masjid


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The Original Babri Masjid

The story of original Babri Masjid is very interesting and lesser known to people. History says that when Babur came to India in 1526, he had to fight a battle against Ibrahim Lodhi. When he won the battle, he built a mosque at the site of Panipat as a mark of gratitude. This Masjid is original Babri Masjid. This mosque is in the middle of a small garden called the Kabuli Bagh and is under protection of the Archaeological Society of India.

The mosque was built as a seven-arched structure with the central arch being the most pronounced, each arch of the mosque is covered by a dome and the central dome is the largest. There is a water tank within the mosque complex. The inscription on the mosque states 1528-29, as period of its completion.

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