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The Kala Amb Park


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The Kala Amb Park

A well-known place where the Third Battle of Panipat had been fought, Kala Amb is situated at 8 kms. away from Panipat city. There is an interesting story behind the name Kala Amb. The Marathas came to North India with a belief of changing Indian polity forever. Like Ibrahim Lodhi, the Marathas were guilty of antagonizing all potential friends and allies as well. There was a clash between Maratha forces and the Afghan army. The Maratha force was surrounded by Afghan adversaries, more over, their lines of supply and reinforcement were cut off. The total number of casualties of Marathas were as high as 75,000, including senior commanders and Peshwa’s son. The battle field was full of dead bodies. Today, this site is marked by the Kala Amb Park on the outskirts of Panipat. Incredibly, people come here for a stroll in the peaceful surroundings.

In one corner of the park is a red obelisk. This marks the spot where the Maratha commander Sadashiv Rao Bhau fell in the battle. Legend and local tradition recount that a black mango tree stood at this spot and it was under this tree that Bhau fought his last action. The black mango tree exists no longer, but it has passed on its name to the park, hence the name: Kala Amb.

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