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Shahjahan ki Baoli


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Shahjahan ki baoli

Location -: Meham, District-Rohtak

Situation -: Approximately half a kilometre from Meham on the Bhiwani-Meham road in Mohalla Kishangarh.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1658-59 AD

History and description -: This baoli (water tank with a well) is populary known as Choron ki baoli. This baoli is possibly the finest and the best such monument preserved in Haryana. According to an inscription on the well, it was built by Saidu Kala, a chobdar in the service of Emperor Shah Jahan, in 1658-59 AD. It is an elaborate structure of bricks and kankar blocks, has 101 steps extending in three stages, separated by landings and leading to the water reservoir. The circular well is located at the end of the stairs.

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