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Raja Nahar SinghFort, Ballabgarh


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Raja Nahar SinghFort, Ballabgarh

Today, the walls of Raja Nahar Singh Palace at Ballabgarh vibrate again with the echo of drums and trumpets... With the eager feet of visitors... And the exclaims of delight at the sight of this beautifully maintained palace of the legendary Raja Nahar Singh. Being introduced as a heritage property, the palace dates back to the 18th century AD.

The revolt of 1857 was an important milestone in the history of our country. Raja Nahar Singh, ruler of the small state of Ballabgarh, played a key role in India's struggle for Independence.

The Palace : The earliest parts of Raja Nahar Singh's palace were constructed by his ancestor Rao Balram, who came to power in 1739. This construction continued in parts till about 1850. Today, urban centres have come up around the palace. But, the beauty of the palace continues to charm the visitors.

The Retreat : Today the beautiful pavilions and courtyards of Raja Nahar Singh Palace glow once again with royal ambience carefully emphasised by six tastefully decorated guest rooms, restaurant, bar, lounge and public areas, beautified with antiques, relics of a bygone past, stone jallies and intricately carved arches, that take one back to the times of the Raja Nahar Singh.

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