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Raja Harsha ka Tila


Raja Harsha ka Tila

Location -: Thanesar, District : Kurukshetra

Situation -: Adjacent to Sheikh Chilli's Tomb

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 10th century BC to 1st Century AD

History and description -: The archaeological excavations of this site have thrown significant light on successive remains of an ancient city settlement. The site spread over an area of 1kmx750 m. This site was excavated by Shri B.M.Pandey of Archaeological Survey of India. A few potsherds of Painted Grey Ware found from the lowest level of the site indicate the existence of a settlement before starting a continuous habitation at the site since Christian era. The excavated material ranging from Circa 1st century AD to 19th century was divided in six cultural periods.

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