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Panipat Museum

The core idea behind establishing Panipat Museum was to spread information and create awareness about archaeology, history, art and crafts of Haryana. Here one will have an opportunity to see antiquities, inscriptions, sculptures, arms and armours, pottery, old and valuable documents, jewellery, art and craft objects, which are on display in the museum. It also provides a rare chance to witness bravery of valiant and patriotic warriors who sacrificed their lives at Panipat battle through some write-ups, photographs and trans-slides.

One of the key attractions of museum is enlarged photographs of important miniatures. These miniatures are from Baburnama and Akbarnama. These have been obtained from important places like National Museum of New Delhi, The British Library and Victoria and Albert Museum of London. Importantly, most of the traditional artifacts and other items are procured from various districts of Haryana.

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