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Panchkula Golf Course


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Panchkula Golf Course (PGC)

Set up in 2003, over 135-acreage and playing to a par of 72, the 18-hole PGC matured over the years with its trees and roughs gaining in stature. Set to a linear layout, the PGC is a public sports facility run by the Haryana Government and designed as part of a larger sports complex. The PGC is affiliated to the Indian Golf Union (IGU).

There is a distinctly Scottish touch to the Panchkula Golf Course with its undulating fairways and wind gusting in from the Ghaghar river valley. A rambling course flanked by the Shivalik hills and the Ghaghar, golfers sample both its beauty and its tricky nature. Wind blowing in hard from the Ghaghar river can mean the best of golfers can perish by hitting it out-of-bounds. Yet, in their anxiety to avoid hitting it right into the Ghaghar, golfers can easily hook the ball into punishing roughs flanking the fairway's left. A straight drive, on the other hand, yields plenty of dividends, as average golfers may need no more than 100-125 yards to approach the flag.

Four very challenging 3-par holes add to the mystique of the PGC, as these include some of the longest such holes in the region. Four 5-par holes, with ample driving width and hilly knobs make these a true test of a golfer's long irons and woods. The 4-par holes are not very long but the wind factor ensures that conventional yardages and the par of a hole can be easily mocked. At the PGC, golfers get the feel of an autumn afternoon much before the weatherman augurs in winter for the rest of the region. Nearly 14,000 trees adorn the PGC.

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