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Nahan Kothi

Location -: Panchkula, District : Panchkula

Situation -: Situated in Village Railli, near Sector 12A, Panchkula

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: 19th Century AD

History and description -: A significant and only remnant representing the British architecture of 19th century AD in the modern city of Panchkula is popularly known as Nahan Kothi. This monument was built by Prince Surjan Singh and Bir Singh, the sons of Raja Fateh Singh (1857-63 AD), the ruler of Sirmour State. This region including Morni and other adjoining hilly areas of Haryana was then under the jurisdiction of Sirmour State, the capital of this state was Nahan (Himachal Pradesh), hence the name Nahan Kothi was given to this building. It was generally used by the rulers to keep watch on the activities of their territory. Sometimes it was also used for overnight stay during hunting expedition. This monument had a garden and servant quarters in the beginning, the original architecture of this monument has been marred by the renovations and alterations at various times, even then, its original characteristics of architectural style are still intact.

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