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Nabha House

Location -: Kurukshetra, District : Kurukeshetra

Situation -: Situated opposite to the Sannihit Sarover at Kurukshetra

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 19th century AD

History and description :- This palatial building was constructed by the royal family of Nabha principality. This monument was used by the royal family members for stay during the days of religious performances at Kurukshetra. The building stands on a raised platform. The entrance gate is on the eastern side and its either sides are decorated with four arched niches (Miharab). There are two beautiful pillared windows (Jharokha) on the second floor of the building. The base and the top of these pillars have been decorated with lotus design. A temple dedicated to God Brahma is constructed on the top of the monument. It is fifteen-feet tall and built on Navaratha (nine corners) plan. The wooden door on entrance is studded with decorative iron nails, which represent the Hindu style of architecture in early British era. The main entrance through another gate leads to a rectangular courtyard. The stairs on the southern side of the courtyard lead to the temple on the second storey.

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