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Mughal Bridge

Location -: Village-Sarai Khwaja, District- Faridabad

Situation -: The village is situated on Delhi-Mathura road. The bridge is situated over Budhiya Wala Nala.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 16th Century AD

History and description -: There is a mention in the memoirs of Mughal emperor Jahangir that he ordered large or small, but convenient, bridges to be erected at the passage of every river, so that the travellers are able to pursue 'their journey without obstruction'. This bridge is one of those bridges constructed during his reign. This is a stone bridge with robust and structurally sound arches. The piers of the central arch happen to be strengthened by buttresses with their locations conspicuously marked above by four small minars with domed tops.

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