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Mirza Alijan’s Takhat and Baoli


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Mirza Alijan's Takhat & Baoli

Location -: Narnaul, District-Mahendergarh

Situation -: Situated in the Chota-Bada Talab areas of the City.

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: 1556-1605 AD

History and description -: This baoli (water tank) built by Mirza Ali Jan, the Nawab of Narnaul during the reign of Emperor Akbar, is situated to the north-west of the town of Narnaul. The main structure of the building is in the shape of a huge arched gateway carrying the 'Takhat' with a rectangular pillared 'Chhatri' (Kiosk) on its top. The 'Chhatri' has a decorated flap, resting on the eight pillars made of grey stone into rows that open to all sides. Below it, there is a balcony with staircases. The Takhat stands on the main arched entrance of the baoli. On the south, the main arched opening is attached with the three-storied 'baoli' and further a well.

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