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Lat of Feroz Shah

Location -: Fatehabad, District- Fatehabad

Situation -: Situated in Mohalla Babapir, near old tehsil of Fatehabad.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1351-88 AD

History and description -: Standing at a height of over 6 metres, the Lat appears to be a portion of one of the pillars erected by Emperor Ashoka possibly at Agroha or Hansi. The Ashokan epigraph that was once engraved on the pillar was apparently very systematically chiseled off for writing the Tughlaq inscription, recording the genealogy of Firoz Shah in beautiful Tughra-Arabic characters carved in high relief. This Lat (the pillar) stands in the centre of what now looks like an ancient walled Idgah.

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