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Kos Minar

Location -: According to a report of Archeology Survey of India, there are 49 Kos Minars in Haryana.

Situation -: The Kos Minars are situated on the ancient 'royal route and highway' populary known as the 'Grand Trunk Road' that has now been converted to National Highway No. 1.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1619 AD

History and description -: The Kos-minars, erected during reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir are the earliest known examples of the 'road milestones' in the Indian History. In 1619 AD, Emperor Jahangir ordered Bakir Khan, the Fauzdar of Multan, to erect a minaret at every Kos (a distance of 2 miles and approximately 3.22 kms.) on the old imperial route. Kos-minars are plastered solid bricks structures standing on a square platform. Each minar soars from a tapering octagonal base.

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