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Jahaj Kothi

Location -: Hisar, District : Hisar

Situation -: Situated in Jaja Pul area of Hisar city

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 18th century AD

History and description -: George Thomas, a native of Ireland and the uncrowned ruler of the territory between Sirsa and Rohtak built this building as his residence. Owing to its isolated location, it gives an impression of a ship in the ocean surrounded by a huge open area. A progressive distortion of the word 'George' to Jahaj over a period of time brought a new name to the place.

After the defeat of George somewhere in the first decade of 19th century, James Skinner, a respected name in the service of British Government, became the ruler of this territory. He also used 'Jahaj Kothi' for some time as his residence before constructing his own palace at Hansi. This monument is a good example of pre-British architecture in the transitory phase.

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