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Gateway of Old Mughal Sarai


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Gateway of Old Mughal Sarai

Location -:Gharaunda, District : Karnal

Situation -: Situated on the GT road which is 16 kms.away from Karnal.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1637 AD

History and description -: The Sarai (Rest House) was built by Feroz Khan in 1637 AD during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.So it is named after the Mughals. Before the first battle of Panipat, Babur camped at Gharaunda. At present, there are two gateways present here. They are located within a distance of about 100 metres. The Sarai is quadrangular in shape with cells on all four sides. Existing gateways form a part of northern and southern walls and they both have three-storeys and are made of ‘Lakhauri’bricks. It is decorated with panels,balconies, rounded towers and angular flutes.

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