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Fort of Prithvi Raj


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Fort of Prithvi Raj

A great reminder of the bygone era, this fort known as Prithvi raj-ka-Qila has now been completely converted into a mound. A long pillared structure with a flat roof is situated on the top of the mound, which is called Baradari.

Location : Hisar, District: Hisar

Situation : Situated approximately 2 km from the main bus stand on the Hisar-Barwala road.

Under protection of : Government of India

Period : 1351-88 AD

History and description : The Gujjari Mahal was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq for his beloved Gujri Rani, a native of Hisar with whom he fell in love during the course of one of his hunting expeditions. The palace imbibes characteristic features of Tughlaq architecture such as massive tapering walls thickly plastered in lime and narrow openings. Open stairs lead to the baradari (pavilion) of the palace, which stands on a high plinth and has underground chambers. The baradari is a square structure having three developed arches on each side. All entrances (except one) are provided with stone doorframes. The roof has nine bays, each carrying hemispherical dome decorated with panelling work in lime plaster. The exterior walls above the arched openings are provided with beautifully carved red sandstone brackets.

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