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Feroz Shahs Palace and Tahakhanas


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Feroz Shah's Palace & Tahakhanas

Location -: Hisar, District : Hisar

Situation -: Opposite to the main bus stand of Hisar city and near the Lat Ki Masjid

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: 1351-88 AD

History and description -: The edifice known as Firoz Shah's Palace and tahkhana was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, the Sultan of Delhi (1351-1388 AD). The palace is built of rubble masonry covered with thick lime plaster. Its arches are supported on sandstone carved pillars possibly belonging to some Hindu temples. The palace complex consists of an open courtyard surrounded by two and three-storied structures. A passage with steps leading to the terrace is embedded in the massive western wall of the palace. This passage was most possibly meant for guarding the roofs of the palace. It has several bastions with hollow cores and has a pillared hall connected with other rooms and cells of the palace. The red sandstone structures on the eastern side of the palace and the lotus tank on the terrace, however, are of much later origin.

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