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Chor Gumbad

Location -: Narnaul, District-Mahendergarh

Situation -: Situated in the Narnaul city on top of hillock in the Jamalpur area on Singhana road.

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: 1351-88 AD

History and description -: The Chor Gumbad majestically stands upon a rock on the north of the town. At present, this complete hilly area has been developed in a park by the district administration. On account of prominent location of the Chor Gumbad, it is known as the landmark of Narnaul. It is a well-planned big size monument in square shape having single chamber with four minarets at each corner. It gives an appearance of a double-storied structure from the outside due to an open veranda running around it. This structure possibly came to be used as hideouts by thieves and highwaymen, subsequently leading probably to the popular present day name : Chor Gumbad. It was constructed by an Afghan Jamal Khan as his tomb. A low dome and arches show that it must have been constructed during the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq (1351-88 AD). At present, there is no grave inside the tomb.

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