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Cactus Garden

A visit to Panchkula is incomplete without making a trip to the Cactus Garden. Officially known as National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre, the garden is Asia’s biggest garden devoted to rare and endangered species having more than 3,500 species. Genus Caralluma of Indian origin are seen here with some of the endangered species. Collection of Indian succulents here is considered the largest in the world.

Botanists and cactus lovers get attracted to this unique garden, which covers over 2,500 species of cacti and succulents. It is known fact that most of these cacti and succulents have medicinal values. Cactus show also is organised at this garden during the month of March every year.

The garden has 272 species of genus Mammillaria and 160 species have been naturalised outdoor. There are other beautiful plants of Aloe Speciosa, Aloe Ferox & other exotic species. In low growing cacti such as Mamillarias, Astrophytum, Notocacti and several other species have been grown here.

Bonsai collection of succulent and non-succulent plants has been created and gifted by Shri J.S.Sarkaria. This educative collection displays different styles of bonsai. A collection of all the known genera of cactus can be seen in nine glass houses. Garden also has highly representative collections of Haworthias, Aloes and Gasterias. Plants are also available for sale.

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