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Bua Wala Talab

There is a painful yet platonic love story attached to Bua Wala Talab. Years ago, there lived Mustafa Kalol, who enjoyed prestigious posts in Government; he had a beautiful and brave daughter named Bua. Once in a jungle, she encountered a tiger, a poor woodcutter Hasan helped her and took her back to the palace. She fell in love with brave and handsome Hasan. Even Bua’s father reluctantly approved of their marriage. Bua’s father sent Hasan to the battle field to fight as a soldier where he died. When Bua came to know about the sad news, she went to the pond where the lovers used to meet, with Hasan’s dead body, buried him there and built a tomb in the memory of her lover. After two years, Bua passed away, and she was buried beside Hasan’s tomb.

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