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Ancient Site of Thehpolar


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Ancient Site of Thehpolar

Location -:Village-Theh Polar, Tehsil & District-Kaithal

Situation -: About 4 kms. from village Siwan, locally known as Siwan Polar

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 8th Century BC to 2th Century AD

History and description -: The mound of Theh polar is said to mark the site of a village destroyed during the Mahabharat war. The site was situated on the southern bank of Rigvedic river, Saravati, about 4 kms. from village Siwan and 10 kms. from Kaithal. A small-scale archaeological excavation at this place has yielded antiquities of different periods, consisting of coins of Vasudeva and Yaudheyas dynasties, clay seals, weight, pottery, copper vessels etc. Shri Shankar Nath of Archaeological Survey of India also reported Painted Grey Ware during exploration of this site. Previously this site was known for the antiquities and coins of Indo-Greek period.

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