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Ancient Site of Rakhigarhi


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Ancient Site of Rakhigarhi

Location -: Village-Rakhigarhi, Tehsil-Hansi, District : Hisar

Situation -: Villages of Rakhikhas & Rakhishahpur

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 2600-1800 BC (Harappa Culture)

History and description -: The site of Rakhigarh is one of the five known biggest townships of Harappan civilization on Indian sub-continent. Other four are Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Ganveriwala in Pakistan and Dholavira (Gujrat) in India. Five interconnected mounds spread in a huge area form the Rakhigarhi's unique site. Two mounds, out of five, were thickly populated. This site was excavated by Shri Amarendra Nath of Archeological Survey of India.

The archaeological excavations revealed mature Harappan phase represented by planned township having mud-brick as well as burnt-brick houses with proper drainage system. The ceramic industry represented by red ware, which included dish-on-stand, vase, jar, bowl, beaker, perforated jar, goblet and handis. Animal sacrificial pit lined with mud brick and triangular and circular fire alters on the mud floor have also been excavated that signifiest the ritual system of Harappans. A cylindrical seal with five Harappan characters on one side and a symbol of an alligator on the other is an important find from this site.

Other antiquities included blades; terracotta and shell bangles; beads of semiprecious stones, terracotta, shell and copper objects; animal figurines, toy cart frame and wheel of terracotta; bone points; inscribed steatite seals and sealings.

The excavations have yielded a few extended burials, which certainly belong to a very late stage, may be the medieval times.

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