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Ancient Site of Naurangabad


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Ancient Site of Naurangabad

Location -: Village-Naurangabad, Tehsil & District - Bhiwani

Situation -: Situated about 8 kms. from District headquarter of Bhiwani

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 1st century BC to 5th Century AD

History and description -: It is a site of ancient habitation spread over an area of about 59 acres. The surface explorations have yielded a large number of coins, coin-moulds, seals and sealing of different Kings of historical period including those of Yaudheya, Indo-Greek, Kushana and Gupta periods. Its collection may be seen in Haryana Prantiya Puratatva Sangrahalaya, Gurukul, Jhajjar. One of the terracotta seals found from this site confirms that this city was known as Nakanagar during 1st to 3rd Century AD and was an important town of Yaudheya Republic of ancient India. This site was excavated by Shri P.B.S.Sengar of Archaeological Survey of India. The archaeological excavations have yielded continuous cultural sequence of the early historical periods. Occurrence of a fortified township of mud brick and also baked brick structures show the development in building material and style. Notable and representative antiquities of these cultural periods were also found in the excavations.

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