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Ancient Site of Bhirrana


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Ancient Site of Bhirrana

Location -: Village-Bhirrana, Tehsil-Ratia, District- Fatehabad

Situation -: Situated 14 kms. NE on Bhuna road from Fatehabad.

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 3500-2500 BC (Early Harappan Culture)

History and description -: This site is located on the northern outskirts of the village overlooking the now dried up bed of Vedic river Sarasvati. Archaeological excavations of 4.20 m thick deposit have revealed four fold cultural sequence. This site was excavated by Shri L.S.Rao of Archaeological Survey of India.

Period-IA : Hakra Wares Culture :- This period is characterised by well-plastered subterranean dwelling pits, which were cut into natural soil. Ceramic assemblage is represented by the Hakra wares of Cholistan region of Pakistan. All the representative antiquities of this phase found at other sites, including beads of semiprecious stones, terracotta object, copper bangles, bone points and chert blades were also found from here.

Period-IB : Early Harappan :- The entire site was occupied during this period. The houses were built of mud bricks in the ratio of 1:2:3. Pottery of this period showed all the six fabrics found at Kalibanga-I. Antiquities, of copper, terracotta, semiprecious stone and bone objects apart from a seal of quarter-foil shape made of shell, are similar and comparable with find of other such settlements.

Period-IIA : Early mature Harappan :- This period is marked by transformation in the city lay-out. The fortification wall around the entire settlement was made out of mud bricks. Pottery assemblage included early Harappan and early mature Harappan ceramics.

Period-IIB : Mature Harappan :- The final occupation of the site is represented by typical Harappan steatite seals, antiquities and pottery recovered from contemporary Harappan sites.

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