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Ancient Mound, Agroha


Places of Interest

Ancient Site of Agroha

Location -: Village-Agroha, Tehsil-Adampur, District : Hisar

Situation -: Situated on the National Highway No. 10, 22 km from Hisar towards Fatehabad

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 4th Century BC to 14th Century AD

History and sescription -: The site of Agroha is traditionally believed to be the Capital of the legendry king Maharaja Agrasena of Agrawal community. The city of Agroha was situated on the ancient trade route between Taxila and Mathura. And, therefore, it remained an important center of commerce and political activities till coming into existence of a new township of Hisar-e-Firoza (Hisar) of Firoz Shah Tughlag. A hoard of coins including 4 Indo Greek, one punch-marked and another 51 coins of Agrodaka were found from the site. The discovery of the coins of Agreya Janapada (Republic) during the excavations and its ancient name Agrodaka in literature are sufficient to prove it being the headquarters of a Republic. This site was excavated by C.J.Rodgers in 1888-89 and re-excavated by H.L.Srivastava in 1938-39 by Archaeological Survey of India to a depth of about 3.65 m. This site was further excavated by Shri P.K.Sharan and Shri J.S.Khatri of the Department of Archaeology & Museums, Government of Haryana in 1978-84.Archaeological excavation on this site revealed a fortified township and continuous habitation from 4th century BC to 14th century AD. Apart from the residential and community houses, made of baked bricks, the remains of a Buddhist stupa and a Hindu temple existing side by side indicated co-existence and respect of communal harmony.

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