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Ancient Gumbad

Location -: Hisar, District : Hisar

Situation -: Situated in the compound of Government College, Hisar

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 14th Century AD

History and description -: This is the tomb of Baba Pranpir Badshah, the spiritual teacher of Sher Bahlol or Dana Sher. Sher Bahlol was a celebrated saint and prophesied that Ghiyas-ud-din-Tughluq (1320-25 AD) would become the king of Delhi. All four sides of the tomb have arched openings. Its lower half portion is made out of dressed Kankar stone blocks and remaining upper half of Lakhauri bricks. The roof is surrounded by a low dome that rests on an octagonal drum. At present, there is no grave inside the tomb.

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