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Ancient Bricks Temple


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Ancient Bricks Temple

Location -: Kalyat, District : Kaithal

Situation -: Situated on the bank of a pond in Kalayat town.

Under protection of -: Government of India

Period -: Circa 8th Century AD

History and description -: The name Kalayat seems to be derived from Kapilayatana, meaning the 'home of sage Kapila', the preacher of Sankhya-darshan of Indian philosophy. It is believed that there were five brick temples on the bank of holy tank at ancient Kapilayatan. But at present, only two such temples survive and they are dated to circa 8th century AD. Built from carved bricks with fine and thin mortar; these temples are good examples of early Hindu temple architecture and exhibit creative use of flower representative specimen of Gurjara-Pratijara style. Most striking features of these temples are the arrangements of the carved bricks. Out of the two surviving temples; one remains archaeologically better preserved; whereas the other one underwent heavy modifications. They are possibly the only surviving specimens of north Indian temple in this part of the country belonging to pre-Muslim era.

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