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Shobha Sarowar

Location -: Narnaul, District-Mahendergarh

Situation -: Situated in the Male Tibba area on the Bahrod road, near Kadiyanwala Hanuman Temple.

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 18th century AD

History and description -: Availability of water was always scarce in Narnaul due to the proximity of deserts. Therefore, this huge pond (sarovar) was built by a local chief during late Mughal period for the use of general public. The 'sarovar' was constructed in rubble masonry with thick layer of lime plaster in the style of then prevailing Hindu architecture. Four staircases in each arm of the pond lead to the water storage tank. There were twelve kiosks (chhatri) on its boundary wall, one each at the corners and two each on the either sides of the staircases. At present only two out of twelve are surviving. An inscription affixed on the eastern wall records that an enclosed chamber for ladies-bath was added to this pond in 1929 AD. This 'sarovar' is still in public use.

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