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Prachin Shiva Temple


Prachin Shiva Temple

Location -: Pehowa, Tehsil – Pehowa, District : Kurukshetra

Situation -: On the southern bank of Sarasvati river in the Pehowa town

Under protection of -: Haryana Government

Period -: Circa 9th – 10th Century AD

History and description -: The name of this town is derived from Prithudaka, as king Prithu was the founder of this town.

The ancient site of Prachi Shiva temple has yielded a number of the sculptors of Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Pantheon. These discoveries lead to the presumption that it was the site of one of the Vishnu temples, which are referred in the Pehowa inscriptions. Another Vishnu temple site in this town is Vishvamitra ka Tila.

A few sculptures have been collected by the State Department of Archaeology from this site. But many of them are now fixed in the walls of modern temples at Prachi Tirth. At least, three stone doorframes of ancient temple now stand fixed on the different entrances of newly built Prachi Shiva temple. Two of them are very important, as they depict Navagraha, Saptamatrikas and the figures of Goddesses: Ganga and Yamuna and also a Vishnu image on the Lalatbimba, which signifies the presence of a Vishnu temple here in the past.

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