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Ancient Site of Farmana
The mound (920x50) has 8.00 mts. of habitational deposit. The site has yielded the relics of the proto-historic period including early Harappan, Harappan, late Harappan, Painted Grey Ware and early historical wares...
Ancient Site of Khokhrakot
The ancient mound, locally known as Khokhrakot, is identified with the historical town of Rohitika-Rohtak, the present name is derived from its ancient identity. It finds mention in the great epic Mahabharata and the Painted Grey Ware...
Asthal Bohar
Asthal Bohar is stuated 6 to 7 kms. east of Rohtak city on Rohtak-Delhi N.H. 10, the place is known for its math and ancient finds like sculptured stone idols. According to a legend, Pooran Bhagat of Sialkot and disciple of Guru Gorakhnath, came here and founded this place...
Shahjahan ki Baoli
This baoli (water tank with a well) is populary known as Choron ki baoli. This baoli is possibly the finest and the best such monument preserved in Haryana. According to an inscription on the well, it was built by Saidu Kala...
Tilyar Convention Centre
Tilyar Tourist Complex, Rohtak, has a convention centre with a capacity of more than 1,000 persons. The complex is built on sprawling 142 acres and is situated on Rohtak-Delhi National Highway No. 10...
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