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Yadavindra Gardens (Pinjore)

Yadavindra Gardens (Pinjore)

Yadavindra Gardens (Pinjore)

Experience the majestic splendour at Pinjore!

Pinjore is a part of Panchkula district of the state of Haryana. It is located at the confluence of river Jhajjar and Kaushalya (tributaries of Ghaggar) in the lower Shivalik ranges. It is an ancient, religious and historical place and derives its name from Panchpura- the town of Pandavs.

Explore a green heaven -: Pinjore's foremost attraction is undoubtedly the 50-acre Mughal Gardens, renamed the Yadavindra Gardens after Maharaja Yadavindra Singh, the last ruler of Patiala. Built in the 17th Century, on similar lines of the Nishant and Shalimar gardens of Kashmir, the Yadavaindra Gardens are said to be the handiwork of architect Fidai Khan, Aurangzeb's cousin and trusted lieutenant.

Multiple terraces -: This bewitching beauty spot is built around a central water channel interspersed with fountains that run the entire length of the garden. Cobbled paths on either side of the water channel invite you to take an enchanting walk through the garden's seven levels. And as you move down from one level to the next, you cannot help but marvel at the skill and ingenuity that has crafted simple natural elements into an arrangement of enduring beauty.

Royal residences -: The walk away at the first level ends at a pavilion called Sheesh Mahal, which has bedroom and double bathroom. This was where the ladies of the royal family of Patiala would stay during their sojourn in the garden. The Sheesh Mahal displays an exquisite symmetry of design, and commands a majestic view of the Gaden, right from the entrance to the boundary wall of the last terrace. The water channel can be seen under the Sheesh Mahal's glass floor. Further on, at the end of the next level, is a larger pavilion 'the Rang Mahal' in which the Maharaja of Patiala would reside. This consists of a bedroom and an attached bathroom. It too has a panoramic view of the garden, orchard and surrounding hills. Moonlight nights cast a magic spell.

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